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JINAN SHNAGHANGDA brand Tower crane is the fruitful cooperation in China construction project institute. Fully utilizing group technology combined design and finite element analysis technology, make full use of the tower crane ‘micro-computer design platform’, we manufactured the advanced, most update tower crane. The tower crane’s safety and reliable stability are better than our national standard.

In these years,DICHENG has provided our national road and bridge company, large power station project and high-rising buildings with hundreds of large scale equipments. Customers are all satisfied with our products. In recent years, our products have won glorious honors of “the high-quality product” “feel relieved product” and “China famous product” by china Technology Supervision Association in 1997. Moreover SHANGHANGDA passed the ISO 9001 quality system authentication,CE ceitificate and our product lie in the front rank of china product quality research. Under the above conditions, please select products according to the following technical parameters:

Material Control

1.The steel material SHANGHANGDA Heavy Industrial select 100% comes from National Large-scale steel corporations.(Shanghai Baosteel, Hebei Iron and Steel)

2.The critical materials of steel, welding material etc are all exam by chemical detection, then allowed into workshop for batch production.

3.Strictly according to the drawing draft requirements, We make the products with 16 Manganese, 40 Chromium and 45# steel etc.

4.Every parts of our products: pin, axle, sleeve etc are strictly according to quenching and tempering produce.

5.Every part of products are strictly according to the procedure requirements: mill, plane, polish, press, test etc.

6.As for final products, we are strictly according to the ISO 9001 quality system requirements and CE certificate.


CE Certificate


Steel Structure of the products (tower crane)

The tower crane mechanical product belongs to special equipments. If accident happens, There will be a horrible result. So our company cooperates with design institution to reinforce and strengthen main sections with strict procedure and excellent science.

1.Strengthen the force point of the tower crane’s base frame, higher the incline support guaranteed the reliance between the tower crane’s body with the earth contact.

2.Strengthen the force plate and the force angel for the main parts of stand section, to make the tower crane’s body more and more stronger, to improve the tower crane body’s resistance towards danger.

3.Standard sections are double milled to guarantee the contact surface of stand section lies in the same horizon, to bear the average force, to make the tower crane’s bear the force and guarantee the standard sections changeable for long time usage.

 4.The slewing position of the tower crane’s body: the lower and upper slewing platform, mill every surface one by one, to make the surface contacting with the tower crane’s body, lower slewing platform, slewing bear and upper slewing platform stronger and bear the average force, to guarantee the slewing mechanism working around fluently.

5.The main and assist chord of the jib boom of tower crane use the Shanghai Bao Steel’s seamless steel to weld, to guarantee jib boom flexible and stronger.

6.Bigger the welding size and the force plate for he main positions of the jib boom and balance boom.

Matching Unit

1.Drive cab wide and bright installed with air conditioner to make the operator always in good condition safely.

2.Tower crane’s slewing mechanism is newly satellite decelerator with high quality and lower error, provided by national enterprises.

3.Lift Mechanism decelerator belongs to the precise one and installed with the adjustable center bearing, curl barrel and decelerator, forming the double preventing off center unit coupled with gear.

4.Tower crane’s hydraulic mechanism is manufactured by SHANGHANGDA Industrial Machinery. It has good reliance and high quality.

5.The slewing bear is manufactured by national top-level enterprise.

6.Luffing mechanism is the double satellite decelerator provided by the super manufacturer.

7.Safety restrict device is provided by Guiyang Electrical Control Factory (Famous control device manufacturer in china).

8.Matching electrical apparatuses are selected from Tianshui 213 military factory (Very famous factory in china) and Schneider electrical appliances.



Tower Crane Distributor Box

About the matching unit: our company adopts the science stronger method, don’t adopt the low function ones. Match with the high performance to guarantee the high quality materials, regular big manufacturer’s matching accessories and with strict procedure, proceeding programmer etc.

The product with more excellent performance is our eternal pursuit!





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