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Building Cargo Hoist

Product Price :USD 6800

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  • Price for this unit: $ 6800 (Contains 22.5 meters height, 2 1-ton cages, 2 remote controls)     

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    Our building cargo hoist is equipped with a variety of protection devices. For instance, it uses a patented anti-fall safety device and a load limiter for overload protection. In addition, the upper and lower travel limit adopts double protection device to prevent accidents. Moreover, all doors and windows of the cage are equipped with reliable electromechanical interlocking device. Hence, the cage will fail to start or stop immediately when any door or window opens abnormally.

    Our building cargo hoist is widely used for vertically transporting materials to the required heights. This transportation equipment is usually used for the construction of high rise industrial and civil buildings, large bridges, cooling towers, vertical shafts, etc.

    Features of Building Cargo Hoist 
    1. The building cargo hoist adopts winch lifting type drive unit, which offers simple structure and easy maintenance. 
    2. The clear width inside the cage reaches 1.5m, which allows two trolleys to be loosely placed side by side in the cage, thereby improving the vertical transportation efficiency. 
    3. The cage is designed with a mechanical interlocking device, which automatically locks the rack when the door opens at the designated landings, so as to prevent the cage from falling down. 
    4. To ensure safety during installation or removal of standard sections, our building cargo hoist is equipment with an anti-fall safety device and an electrical interlock switch for anti-fall misoperation situations.    

    5. Wireless remote operating, reducing working labor strength, having wide operating view, creating good environment.


    Technical Parameters of Building Cargo Hoist 

    Rated load (kg) 1000
    Boom lifting capacity (kg) 200
    Cage clear dimension (L×W×H) (m) 3.7×1.5×1.9
    Max. hoisting height (m) 50m
    Rated hoisting speed (m/min) 32
    Motor Rated power (kW) 11
    Power supply 3P, 380V, 50HZ
    Rated current (A) 22.6
    Power consumption (KVA) 9.34
    Standard section weight (kg) 137
    Standard section size (L×W×H)(m) 650×650×1.508
    The distance above the last tie-in (m) ≤6
    Ttie-in spacing(m) 6

    Weight of the Main Components and Whole Building Cargo Hoist

    Part name Weight per piece
    Standard section 137kg
    Cage 950kg
    Drive unit 500kg
    Outer guardrail 1000kg
    Tie-in 120 kg
    Base frame 200kg
    Total weight 8200kg











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